The main types of credit card loyalty programmes: is there sense to use them?

A loyal customer is a reliable source of income. To maintain the customer base, companies around the world actively use special bonus programmes, which are also called loyalty programmes. It is proved that customers who are participants in a loyalty programme for a particular brand are 90% more likely to buy its products and spend 2-3 times more money than external customers.

Changes in the financial industry could not but affect credit card loyalty programmes. Leading banks consider the loyalty programme as a strategic direction. In fact, almost every bank has credit card loyalty programmes which are not much different from each other. (more…)

What you should rather get: personal cash loan or a credit card?

Imagine the situation: you get an opportunity to have an unexpected vocation of your dreams or the store arranges the sale of excellent TVs that you have been eyeing for a long time, but you don’t have the right amount of money. Borrowing from friends or relatives is not possible. How to borrow money and where to do it? We will tell you how to choose the most suitable option.

There are many ways to borrow money. The most popular is to get a £1000 personal loan or credit card. Which one to choose? It all depends on the circumstances and the situation in which the loan is issued. Therefore, it would be more correct to break it into two clarifying questions: “What is easier to take – a loan or a credit card?” and “What is more profitable to take – a personal loan or a credit card?”

To begin with, we will understand how £50 payday loans direct lenders differs from a credit card. (more…)