Shutter Curtain/Laith

Our durable and excellent range of shutter curtains or laths

We have pioneered company in offering the range of shutter curtains with the package of durability and bespoke designs. If you are seeking high quality, desired aesthetics, high security and durability then our team of professionals can help you to have all these features in the single design of shutter lath as our team develops the customized and contemporary laths that meet all your individual needs and requirements.

What are shutter curtains or laths?

Roller shutters are made of curtains or laths that can secure the openings of these shutters and these can be installed on the reception desks, shopfronts, bars and many other places like server counters. These laths are basically designed and installed for security purposes along with the proper vision for advertising purposes. We feel pride in offering the high quality and reliable shutter laths with following

  • Great tensile strength
  •  High durability
  •  High dimensional accuracy
  •  Great security
  • Low maintenance

Types of shutter curtains or laths

We offer a great range of bespoke laths of different types as mentioned below
1. Solid laths
2. Insulated window laths
3. Punched hole laths
4. Grille laths
5. Pinhole laths
Clients can choose any type of curtain as per their needs and personal choices. All these different types of curtains have their different specification and features so the clients can get any of them as per the requirement of visibility, durability or security requirement for their premises.

We guarantee for the top designs for all the above types of shutter curtains that are made available to you the best prices with great reliability and reliability. Our cost-effective manufacturing approach makes it possible for us to offer the curtains at reasonable and justified prices without any compromise
of quality.

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