Aluminum Doors

What are the types of aluminum doors available?

Aluminum has become the new sought-after metal owing to its qualities of sturdiness, durability and low maintenance. It is now being used in every kind of door to cater to the ever-increasing demand for doors and shop fronts. With the rising demand, there has been a rise in the number of companies offering these services. But among the numerous, one name shines throughout-Marshall shutters. With our satisfied customers and quality products , it doesn’t come as a surprise that we lead the industry ,does it? Aluminium Automatic Doors Repair Service London is made easy with us in the background. We are available round the clock and round the year to satisfy the needs of our customers, be it installation or maintenance. Just have a look at the various Aluminium doors available-

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Commercial Aluminium Automatic Doors

The new era exits and entrances are the need of the hour as they come equipped with a lot of features –remote control, sensors, cameras, and alarm. Automatic and sliding doors are the preferred choice of the times due to the elevated comfort level and aesthetic pleasure they grant. It is not a surprise that they are being used in banks, colleges, malls, retail shops,  hotels, and offices alike. They are available in two kinds-


1.Commercial Aluminium Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the ultimate space savers.They combine sleek looks and utility. They grant a trendy look and save space of the building.Just bear in mind our name for we will provide you with the best of the Aluminium sliding doors.


2.Commercial Aluminium Automatic Swing Doors

Swing doors are also installed in many buildings as they often seem to fit the bill for a few customers.We are ok with it as long as you contact us for installing them at your site. We offer customized forms of swing doors which will last for ages and ensure minimum use of space.