PA Doors

Why opt for Personal access doors?

While you may be accustomed to listening about roller shutter doors, you may not have heard of P.A Doors. They stand for personalized access doors . They also come in use at various sites: warehouses, factories, storage houses, sheds, and garages. The difference that sets them apart from the roller shutters is that they are according to the size of the people and do not allow the entry of vehicles.We specialize in supplying   P.A.Doors in London.

P.A.Doors-The Range at a Gance

We manufacture P.A.doors which suit nearly every purpose. Be it securing your property or durability or versatility, we offer it all. You can be sure of durability as we manufacture our doors out of steel. Of course, our doors can be used at a variety of places like industrial sectors as well as electrical projects.Take a pick from our wide range of PA Doors if you are looking for  PA Doors in the UK-

1.P.A.Doors with locking system

We offer  PA doors with a ten point locking system, and anti-jemmy studs. It comprises six locking joints which are linked to the steel bars through a master lock mechanism. It is sufficient for blocking any unauthorized entry.


Such doors come with a set of 8 keys.6 of the keys are provided to the client .2 of them are used by the installation team. After the installation, the client is requested to change the lock combination. In this way, these doors provide the maximum privacy and the best possible security.



P.A.Doors are available in standard sizes and generally come equipped with a knob lock set and industrial hinges. Some of the P.A.Doors are fully metallic ,wrapped and sealed.They offer high durability,performance, and resilience.They are available in powder coated finishes and galvanized subframes. They also offer 180-degree opening capacity. Apart from these standard features, they can be customized according to the clients choice.

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