Why Choosing Aluminum Curtain Walling Is A Good Choice?

Why Choosing Aluminum Curtain Walling Is A Good Choice?

Aluminum Curtain Walling – Why Should You Choose It?

A curtain wall is an addition to a building which will transform the way it looks and feels. Not only does it add to the looks of the building, but it also provides a security shield to it. It gives the building an attractive appeal along with adding an extra layer of security to it. The modern curtain walls can be produced from the lightweight material, which can act as a cost-cutting factor in both production and construction. ADV specializes in manufacturing curtain walling system. The curtain walling system is a nonstructural protective layer which is efficient in keeping the effect of external elements to a minimum level. It also helps in retaining the internal energy of the building within it by providing suitable insulation. The structure doesn’t support any load but it minimizes the effect of external elements on the building. With the use of glass in the curtain walling system, you can expect a lot of ventilation and sunlight. This will reduce your power bills by a reasonable amount.

The Benefits of A Curtain Walling System

The curtain walling system is apt at keeping the wind loads from damaging the building. It does so by transferring the force exerted by the wind to the floor connections. It offers ample resistance to seismic forces and wind-induced sway. It also acts as an effective barrier against air and water infiltration.

The modern curtain walling systems are manufactured with aluminum and glass. Aluminum is inexpensive and readily available but it as strong and sturdy as steel. It also qualifies as a readily recyclable product which doesn’t lose its robustness and strength with recycling. It is a known fact that aluminum poses no problem; mess in cleaning , upkeep, and maintenance.

It is literally rust free so you don’t have to worry about it getting corroded.

The wear and tear seen in many other materials are seen missing in this case. You can be assured that you will not have to face the rotting, twisting and turning or deforming of any kind.

It is ideal for providing support for large glazing surfaces.

They present a reliable and cost-effective way of giving good looks and ample protection to the building.

Thermal insulation

It also acts as an effective solution for conserving heat energy within the building, thus bringing down the need for thermal insulation.

Marshall Shutters and Curtain Walling

marshall shutters have ruled the scene ever since the inception of curtain walling system. We specialize in the manufacturing of aluminum-based curtain walling system which comes in various sizes. We also provide a special type of curtain walling systems which are in accordance with the customer’s desire. We have decades of experience in dealing with all the aspects related to curtain walling with our services. You will get the best services and maintenance possible with us.

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