Maintenance Tips For Roller shutters

Maintenance Tips For Roller shutters

The best way to protect the business is by installing security shutters. The roller shutters protect your property from intruders and other criminal activity. The installation of roller shutters is seen on all the commercial properties. However, they are used in all types of business environment. Not only this, they are very hard to break because of the material and it prevents the thieves from entering the property. Unfortunately, your work does not stop after the installation. If you want they should last for a long time then you have to maintain them.

You can either do this task on your own or hire a professional.

Maintenance Tips

The maintenance of shutters is regulated under the Workplace Regulation 1992 Maintenance of Equipment, Devices, and Systems.

  • Clean the shutters

Cleaning them regularly will ensure a smooth opening and closing mechanism. But if you don’t then the shutters will get jammed or stuck when you open or close them. It is not easy to see the dirt buildup on the shutters especially in the inner corners. If you wait too long to clean them you will surely face a lot of difficulties. Use a clean cloth to remove the dirt and debris from the shutters.

  • The balance of the shutters

After some months, check the balance of the shutters. You can hire a professional to get them checked. By doing this, it will make sure that they run smoothly.

  • Fix the Springs

Another important part of maintenance is to check the springs as it will damage the motor of the shutters. Get them repaired if they are damaged or broken.

  • Oiling the shutters

Oiling the shutters will increase the lifetime and you don’t have to spend more money after some months on maintenance and repairing. All the parts of the shutter need proper care to do it regularly for optimizing the performance of the shutters.

  • Replace the Misplaced Bolts

As the shutters are moving up and down continuously it will make the bolts and fixing loose. If they come out of their holes, it is very dangerous to operate them. So, it is better not to operate them until they are fixed properly.

  • Damaged cables

The shutters are operated by steel cables. So for this, they need to be in the correct shape and in the right place. If you notice the working mechanism of shutters is not proper then contact somebody as it might injure someone.

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