How Fire Doors Are Different Than Smoke Doors

How Fire Doors Are Different Than Smoke Doors

The use and importance of fire and smoke doors have to be paid attention cause emergency can arise anytime and anywhere so one cannot escape its installation in any building being in use weather for residential or commercial purposes. Their way of  working and Maintenance is a crucial thing to be aware of.

Both fire doors and smoke doors are essential in every building whether residential or commercial for the protection of the residents or occupants there. They are mandatory to be constructed as per the building codes so it is better to learn details of them and how are they different from each other. Many shop door fitters in London realize the importance of the use of Fire rated doors and provide their access for the safety and protection of the inhabitants of the buildings. You can hardly see any building constructed theirs without these emergency doors signifying the value of lives.

Fire doors perform functions of smoke doors too but it is not the other way around

Fire doors are basically constructed to perform the function of stopping the spread of  both flame and smoke but in case of smoke doors it just helps in controlling the smoke but can’t stop fire to arouse and spread, hence basically stops the smoke from spreading into fire,  providing the occupants clear way to escape without any intoxication in air. They appear similar but are actually not and you can actually differentiate between them through a put up of a label mentioned with its purpose on it. But these labels are commonly found if the doors are certified properly.

Fire doors are basically made up of steel while smoke doors come up with different materials. Both fire and smoke doors come up with self-closing capabilities in a way like some smoke doors are linked up with smoke detectors and on detection of smoke, they automatically close while fire doors have a latch to keep the door from opening up due to the high pressure of flames.

Maintenance of fire and smoke doors

Both fire doors and smoke doors are needed to be in the right condition as when an emergency arises they are functioning efficiently. To fulfill this purpose they need inspection consistently.  At least once a year of inspection is not a big deal to save lives at risk at the time of emergency, and not to forget that the hardware problem of doors is likely to arise anytime, so the issue should be reported with the manufacturer or to nearby fire professional to resolve the issue. Inculcating the habit of cleaning them often and inspecting if the door locks etc are working well would help.

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