Difference Between Perforated Roller Shutters vs Traditional Roller Shutters

Difference Between Perforated Roller Shutters vs Traditional Roller Shutters

For any business premises, it is very important it should be properly secured from theft and vandalism. It is the responsibility of the business owner to use the most effective and best methods of security. With the advancement in technology and technique, there are endless options available in the market which can protect your business as well as home from crime and theft. You can install shutters, security cameras, grill and other methods that will suit your business. The most effective methods are installing the roller shutters and perforated roller shutters.

How they are different from each other?

  • Manufacturing

The roller shutters contain horizontal slats that are hinged together. During manufacturing, these shutters are galvanized and insulated properly so that it can provide additional security.

The perforated shutters contain special pierced panels which are made of galvanized steel. This controls the airflow up to 25%. The opening speed is up to 2 m/s.

  • Visibility

The traditional shutters ensure privacy by hiding the interior of your property. As most of the crime happens during the night. The intruders will try to enter your premises thinking that no one is around. If you have installed these shutters then it means no can see inside the building or your house once the shutters are shut down.

On the other hand, if you have installed perforated shutters then it contains small gaps by which inside of your building is clearly visible. This will increase the chance of intruders to know what all you have inside the building or store. Installing them at your premises means you are decreasing the security at some point.

  • Security

The first reason why most business owners invest in these shutters is security. These shutters are available in steel and aluminum options. The material is very hard to break due to which it will prevent the intruders from entering your premises.

The same goes with the perforated shutters they also behave in the same way as traditional roller shutters. Whatever option you will choose the durability and strength of the shutters are the same.

  • Aesthetics

When it comes to choosing traditional roller shutters it is always said that they don’t look great. This means they don’t look modern and attractive. Most business owners want that there building or store should look the best and different. They want to increase the aesthetic value of there business. Due to this, perforated shutters are becoming the best option among many people. Apart from this, you can spray paint the shutters to make them more appealing.

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