Curtain Walling or Store Front

Curtain Walling or Store Front

Curtain walling systems and storefronts are trending in today’s construction era. These are used to beautify your building facades.

Curtain walls are installed on the outside of the building with high-quality frames and panels. The glass selection allows filling large unfilled areas creating consistent attractive facades. Curtain walls are one way to protect the buildings from weather conditions which harm the structure of the building. A curtain wall in a simple context is an aluminum framed wall which comes with the different fitting of metal panels, glass, thin stones, and many others. This entire frame joins the building structure and doesn’t take the load from the roof or floor as it completely depends upon the entire building structure.

On the other hand, store fronts are getting popular due to its security benefits and protection. A store front is a display window for showcasing the products and services of the shop in an attractive and beautiful way. A store front not only introduces the products and services that it is into selling, but will add character to it as well.

Choosing between shop fronts and curtain walls are much easier. Curtain walls and store front systems share similar functions and appearance. Both are designed to protect the building and its occupants from the weather, while providing daylight and views of the outside. Both the systems are designed to best suit the application for which they are intended. The system to be used depends upon the features and differences of both the systems; which helps to ensure the building envelope meets its structural, air and water, efficient energy, durability, aesthetics and budget objectives.

The key differences between the store front and curtain walling -:

  1. Managing water – The difference in both the systems depend upon the water managed by both. In the curtain wall, each lite of glass is wept separately. Whereas, in a store front system entire elevation is wept at the sill.
  2. Multiple floors – As compare to store fronts, curtain walls can span multiple floors. It may extend up to several floors by starting on the first floor. At a ground level, it may be used in place of a high-performance storefront system.
  3. Cost – Generally store fronts are less expensive as compared to the curtain walls, as it tends to be more expensive from a material and labor perspective.
  4. Time span – When it comes to life span period then curtain walls lasts for a long time as compared to the store fronts.

Both of the systems offer versatility in meeting sustainable design and aesthetic goals. So, one can choose according to the needs and requirements.

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