Fire Doors

How Fire Doors Are Different Than Smoke Doors

The use and importance of fire and smoke doors have to be paid attention cause emergency can arise anytime and anywhere so one cannot escape its installation in any building being in use weather for residential or commercial purposes. Their way of  working and Maintenance is a crucial thing to be aware of. Both fire […]

Different Functions of a Steel Fire Door

Every business owner wants something which can protect the business in the best way possible. The door which is installed inside the premises should provide security as well as fire prevention. In case of fire, it will cause monetary loss as well as it might result in any type of accident. To prevent this issue […]

Major Advantages of installing Fire Rated Doors

Fire causes the destruction of life and property. If any fire-related accident occurs it becomes really difficult to control the fire from spreading. By installing the fire doors in the buildings we can protect the building if any accident by fire takes place. An important question of how actually do these fire doors help in […]