Aluminum Curtain Walling Better than Other material Curtain Walling

Aluminum Curtain Walling Better than Other material Curtain Walling

What Is Curtain Walling?

Curtain walls are installed outside the building. These are designed in such a way to protect the exterior of the building from rain, snow, and hail. The material is very lightweight. Curtain wall systems emerged in the 19th century which was made of glass material. The curtain walls are mostly used for tall buildings. These can be easily manufactured and designed according to the requirements of the customers. They don’t need repairing and maintenance for a long time.

What Is The Best Material To Use For Curtain Walls?

Curtain walls can be made in different material such as glass, metal, stone, and aluminum. Aluminum material is considered one of the best material for curtain walling because of its some features:

  • The aluminum frames are very strong and more durable than any other material. Aluminum material can be easily manipulated if the window frame is of unusual shape or size.
  • You can easily customize the aluminum curtain walls according to your needs and requirements.
  • Aluminum material does not rust. You can get them sprayed by a professional after some time. So, it also saves your money to get them cleaned daily and the maintenance cost is also very low.
  • Aluminum can be recycled easily. So, it’s environment-friendly and safe to use.
  • The aluminum curtain walling is less likely to break under extreme pressure.
  • The effect of fire will also be less on the building because of the curtain walling.

What Are Advantages Of Using The Curtain Walling?

The use of curtain walling is going you to help in different ways because of its feature and the way they are designed. Some of them are:

  • The primary purpose of these systems is to keep the air and water out of the building. It acts as a protective shield around the building.
  • It is one of the efficient ways to keep the heat outside from the building in summers. In the same way in winters the warm air from heaters is also not lost.
  • It improves the thermal efficiency of a building if the curtain walls are properly covered. It reduces the UV light if the glazing (finishing) is done properly. This will keep the items in the building from fading away quickly.
  • It gives the building a sophisticated and unique appearance. The curtain walls are the only type of wall that acts an outline against the background of the sky.

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